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Cyber Security Services



  • We perform technical analysis regarding the maturity of the current IT system and the requirements for the hardware and software in order to implement an effective SOC, CERT or CSIRT.

  • We also support clients in designing the procedures and governance required by each company to assure the delivery of appropriate solutions.


Red Team - Blue Team

  • We carried out this simulation when working for the government. Now, we are offering it to the private sector. Simulation of real situations is priceless when training teams.


Threat Hunting

  • We conduct a proactive search through the net in order to detect, isolate, engage and eliminate any kind of advanced threat that could have bypassed cybersecurity barriers. This process is extensive and carefully engineered, and we conduct it in a very methodical way.

Análisis Código Fuente

  • We audit source code for applications in Black Box and White Box manner. Deep inside, applications can be vulnerable to be exploited by threats.



  • Nowadays, the use of cryptography is an essential part of information protection we proudly offer the best techniques in the market to implement crypto solutions. We work hard to protect your devices, storage and information transmission.


  • Every day organizations face many different types of threats; it is important that they ensure staff and contractors are all well trained to face them. We offer companies extensive training and aid in the implementation of awareness campaigns.



  • These are a set of best practices which help to secure the implementation of the program. We provide advice and guidance during the hardening process.

  • No matter what kind of programs are installed, appropriate steps must be taken from the very beginning. It is crucial to have a secure design of implementation from the offset.

OT Network

  • One of the most dangerous threats for many industries is the shutdown or collapse of their OT. In terms of cybersecurity, there are several reasons to explain their weakness.   

  • We also help to solve the problem of the lack of integration between the IT and OT cybersecurity. After carrying out a careful diagnosis we deliver a complete report proposing the needed improvements. At the request of the client, we can also work with them during the implementation.

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