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Organizations face and must deal with hacking threats. Carrying out a complete and well-designed penetration test is essential to determine the security of a client’s IT infrastructure, net, services and the efficiency of the processes in place to secure the IT environment.

Penetration Test over assets exposed on the Internet.

  • Allows the detection of vulnerabilities on servers, services and applications on internet. Due to the broad field of operation we deploy a variety of specialists and technicians to ensure a complete coverage of the targets.

Penetration Test over the net and local Area Net (LAN)

  • It is well known that people inside the organization can jeopardize the IT security network more easily than people who do not belong to it. We carry out a process where we test the vulnerability of the services, servers and applications installed in the organization. We also conduct a simulation on the intentional or unintentional misbehavior of employees, visitors or contractors.

Phishing and social engineering:

  • Such malicious activities have shown how sophisticated and effective the bypassing of IT security measures can be. We help clients to increase employees´ security awareness and offer advice on how to respond if they are exposed to these kind of threats.

  • We design and execute specific phishing and tailor made social engineering campaigns for each client. Based on the campaign results we work on guiding clients to improve and raise their security barriers.

Penetration Test over radio signal

  • Malicious interception of radio signals issued by Wi-Fi devices connected to the net can be an open door to penetrate the system. We carry out the test by using a combination of specific hardware and software solutions to assess accurately and advise on how to bridge the gap.

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