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Eduardo is an expert in Risk Management and Investigation and has held relevant positions in various industries such as manufacturing, oil & gas, food, health, and applied science.


He works as Investigation’s Director in ANPRO, contributing with his more than 25 years of experience in security, in both public and private fields. He has carried out investigation for Detection and Fraud Prevention, Intellectual Property and Ethics & Compliance cases.

He was responsible for Security Supply Chain programs in Argentina and for Latin America Region in Andreani Logistics and in multi-nationals’ companies such as Kraft Foods/Mondelez.


He designed and implemented Security programs under international standards such as the ISO 28000 Security Supply Chain and ISO 31000 series for Risk Management in different types of facilities. He performs Authorized Economic Operator programs to facilitate products’ export operations from Mexico and Colombia to the USA.


He served on DuPont as Security Advisor for Southern Cone and developed the ELADSO Risk Management Program for Latin American’s operations.


His last position, before joining Analytics and Projects as co-founder, was at Pan American Energy, where he made Oil & Gas's Upstream and Downstream process, safety management program for onshore plants, offshore platforms, refineries, commercial plants and ports. He also led the area of Research and Information.


Eduardo has carried out programs, projects and trainings for employees and assets protections in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico and Colombia.

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